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Celebrate Dog Day!

Let’s all take the opportunity to appreciate Dog Day with a Cake Card!

If you adore dogs then International Dog Day is a day for you to enjoy! The 26th of August, is the day to celebrate everything about dogs. They are one of the nation’s favourite pets, and most people have a soft spot for a dog they know.

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny Teacup Poodles, to giant Great Danes, and many sizes in between, there is a dog that suits everyone’s personality. So, whether you adore a pure bred, or go for a mixed breed rescue, there is so much to love about man’s best friend.

To celebrate this day, why not send your friends and family members who are dotty about dogs a wonderful letterbox gift that will make their hearts melt. Our Cake Cards are perfect little treats to send to someone through the post. We have lots of card designs featuring dogs in our Pet Charity Category, and when you buy a card from this category £1 from every Cake Card sold will be donated to Wood Green, The Animals Charity. Here are some of the cards available in our Pet Charity Category:

Pet Charity Beagle Ruff Cake Card – Send lots of love to a pet owner or someone special with this 'Ruff You Lots' Cake Card. Our Beagle Ruff Card is ideal for sending to him or her or to a beagle lover. The card features a cute illustrated beagle on a green background with the message 'I ruff you lots'.

Pet Charity Clever Sausage Cake Card – Celebrate the success of someone special with this 'Clever Sausage'...Dog Cake Card! This Clever Sausage Cake Card is perfect to send to him or to her. It features a sausage dog on a purple background with the words 'Clever Sausage...Time To Celebrate'.

Pet Charity Dotty Dalmatian Orange Cake Card – If your loved one is dotty about Dalmatian’s then this card is the perfect choice. It features a beautifully illustrated Dalmatian dog on an orange background with the message “Dotty for you!”.

Pet Charity Grow Together Cake Card – An endearing Cake Card to send the one you love. A pug themed love and anniversary card to send to him or to her or a pug owner and lover featuring two pugs on a purple background with two hearts and the words let's grow old and wrinkly together.

Pet Charity Labradore You Hearts Cake Card – A cute Labrador themed Cake Card to send to the one you love or from the dog to a human! It features a lovely illustrated black Labrador with white and pink illustrated hearts on a yellow background with the message ‘Labr’adore’.

Pet Charity Little Thank You Dachshund Cake Card – A fun dachshund themed thank you Cake Card to send someone special. Our pet dachshund themed thank you card to send to him or to her featuring two black sausage dogs on a purple background holding a note with a heart on between them and the words "a little thank you".

These are just a few of our Pet Charity Dog themed cards, there are lots more in our Pet Charity Category.

If you would rather send a picture of your Pooch to someone, you can do that too with our Photo card option! Just find the perfect pose your Pooch has performed in a picture, and upload it to create a photo card.

Don’t forget to add a slice or two of cake inside the card, there are lots of flavours to choose from including standard cake slices, gluten free cake slices, vegan cake slices, and flapjacks. You can also add a few added extras in the box, including tea, coffee, and hot chocolate sachets, pampering facemasks, balloons, and more.