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Congratulations Cake Cards

Help them celebrate the good news with a fabulous Cake Card!

Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes, it can be something really big such as an engagement or something smaller like achieving a personal goal that you’ve been trying so hard to complete for so long. Whatever it is that someone has achieved you’ll want to congratulate them, or maybe you want to give yourself a pat on the back for hitting your goal.

If you’re looking for a letterbox gift to congratulate yourself or your loved one then a Cake Card could be the perfect choice for you. We have a great range of congratulations cards to choose from, here are some of our favourite designs:

Congrats Driving Blue Cake Card - A perfect Cake Card to send to someone who has passed their driving test. Our Passed your driving test card features a black illustrated card on a blue background with the message “Congrats on passing your driving test”.

Congrats on 9 months sober Cake Card - The perfect funny card to send to a friend, or family member to welcome their new bundle of joy. This funny new baby card features an illustrated love heart with the message “Congrats on nine months sober! Oh… and the baby” on a burgundy background.

Congrats Woohoo Blue Cake Card - Send a 'woo hoo' to celebrate someone's achievement with this fun congratulations Cake Card. This lovely congratulations card features the message “Woo Hoo Hoooo! Knew you could do it!” in a green speech bubble on a blue background.

Dark Pink Special Friend Typographic Cake Card – We all have a special friend in our lives that means the world to us, and sometimes it's nice to let them know how much they mean to you. Make your special friend's day by sending them this lovely Cake Card to let them know you are thinking of them. This special friend card is perfect for lots of occasions, and we're sure they'll be over the moon when they receive this card in the post.

Engaged Hearts Cake Card - Say happy engagement to your special someone with our red love heart Cake Card. If you’re looking for a cute engagement card to send to your loved one then this engagement card is ideal. It features illustrated love hearts around the words “You’re engaged” on a dark background.

Exams Aced It Pink Cake Card - A quirky exams Cake Card to send to someone for passing a test. It features a set of illustrated Ace cards with the Ace of hearts on the top with the message “You Aced It” inside the centre heart, on a pink background.

These are just a few of our favourite congratulations cards available, there are lots more to choose from in our congratulations cards category.

Not only do you get to pick a great congratulations card design, but you can also add a slice or two of cake inside the card. There are lots of slice flavours to choose from including standard cake slices, gluten free cake slices, vegan cake slices, and even flapjacks. Don’t forget to add some extras to create a fabulous congratulations letterbox gift.