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New Good Luck Cards

We’ve added some new designs to out good luck card category!

Taking a big step in your life such as taking an exam or starting a new job is a very important marker in your life. So, when your loved ones are going through a big event, you might want to send them some extra encouragement with a good luck card or gift. Well Cake Card offers a great two in one solution, a card and a gift in one. And we’ve just added some new good luck card designs:

Good Luck GCSE's (Doubted) – Burgundy – If someone you love is getting ready to take their GCSE's send them a fun good luck card and gift. This card features the message "Good luck with your GCSE's - We never doubted you" with the word never inserted above "we doubted you", with illustrated white stars on a burgundy background.

Good Luck Gift – Teal – Wish someone you care about luck with a great good luck card. Our Teal Good Luck Gift Card features the message "Just a little gift to say Good Luck!" on a teal sunburst background.

Good Luck New Job - No Idea – If your friend or loved one has just landed a new job (but you still aren't sure what it is they actually do for work) send them this amusing good luck card. It features the message "Good luck in your new job! Even though we still have no idea what you do..." on an orange gradient background.

Good luck Don't Fuck It Up – If your loved one or friend is taking a big step, send them a fun good luck card. Our good luck don't fuck it up card is a great way to make them smile before they start their new adventure. It features the message "Good luck and don't fuck it up!" a well-known phrase from a popular TV series on a rainbow background.

Good Luck on the Job – Looking for a great card to send to someone you care about that's taking a new step in their career? Send them this great good luck on the job card. It features the message "Good luck on the job!" in red and blue speech bubbles on an orange sunburst background.

Goodbye and Good Luck – Green – If someone is moving on from your workplace or moving away send them a fabulous gift to wish them good luck on their new adventure. Our Green Goodbye and good luck card is a perfect way of wishing them well, it features the message "Goodbye & Good Luck! We will miss you" on a green background with illustrated lines and stars around the words.

Goodbye Good Luck for Future – Blue – When someone moves on from your workplace or is moving away you want to send them a fabulous gift to wish them good luck for their future endeavours. Our Blue Goodbye and good luck for the future card is a great way to wish them well, it features the message "Goodbye! and Good Luck for the future" on a blue, vertical` lined background.

Lucky Pants Good Luck – Are they taking a big step? They may need some extra luck! Send them our Lucky pants good luck card to give them an extra bit of encouragement. The card features an illustrated pair of blue underpants with a green waistband with the words lucky pants on them, and the message "Good luck! We thought you might need these!" It's an amusing card which is perfect for sending to your loved ones and friends.

New Adventure Good Luck – Car – If someone you love is heading off on a new adventure, wish them luck with a great card and gift. Our New Adventure Good Luck - Car Card features an illustrated car with luggage, a dog, and a plant on top with the message "Good luck on your new adventure!" on a pale-yellow background.

You've Got This Splat – Give them a good luck gift and a pep talk with this fantastic good luck card by Cake Card. This cute card features the message "You've got this" on a pastel-coloured splat and green background.

These are just a few of the new card designs available, there are more designs available.

You can make a wonderful letterbox gift by including a slice of cake or two inside the card. There are lots of flavours to choose from including standard cake slices, gluten free cake slices, vegan cake slices, and flapjacks. There are also other goodies you can add inside the box, such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate sachets.

Don’t forget to include your own personal message inside the card, and you can write it in a font of your choice from our font options.