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New Leaving Cards

We’ve added a new Cake Card Category

When someone is leaving, either a workplace or to move away, or just going away for a period of time it’s sad for everyone involved. It is probably sadder for the person who is leaving because they are moving on from everything and everyone they know, so it’s also a scary time moving into unchartered territories. As is traditional to get someone a parting gift, it’s a nice thing to do and it’s a lovely way to say goodbye, or at least see you later.

We have created a wonderful range of leaving cards to send to your colleagues, family, or friends when they are starting a new journey. Here are some of our brand-new designs:

Bon Voyage - Adventure Awaits - If someone you care about is setting off on a new adventure, send them a fabulous card to wish them well on their way. This cute Bon Voyage card features an adorable illustration on luggage with a beach ball and hat in front of a sign, palm tree, and ocean sunset. The card also features the message 'Bon Voyage! Adventure awaits' on a blue background.

Don't Leave Me - Congrats on the New Job - If you're best work friend is leaving you at work, let them know how upset... we mean happy... you are for them. This funny leaving card is perfect to send to your work friend when they're abandoning you for another job. The card has the message 'Dear God, don't leave me here with these people! I mean... Congrats on the new job #abandoner' on an orange background. It is sure to make the recipient smile and possibly cry.

Good Luck Finding Better Colleagues - If you're really going to miss a colleague who is leaving your workplace send them a funny leaving card to let them know! Our Good Luck Finding Better Colleagues leaving card is ideal to send to them. The card features the message 'Good luck finding new colleagues as great as us!' in black text, with words highlighted with white blocks on an orange background.

Goodbye and Good Luck – Purple - If you're looking for a great leaving card and gift to send to someone then a Cake Card is an ideal choice. Our Goodbye and Good Luck card is the perfect way to say farewell to someone. It features the phrase 'Goodbye and Good Luck! We will miss you' with teal lines and stars on a purple background.

Pursuing Your Dreams of Not Working Here - Are you looking to send a funny leaving card to a colleague? Send them a hilarious leaving card from Cake Card. This funny card has the message 'It's great to see you pursuing your dreams... of not working here!' in white font on an orange background with dark and light stars.

Purple Star - Miss You Maternity Leave - Is someone at work leaving to have a baby? Send them well wishes on their way to being a parent with this cute maternity leave card. It features a cute illustrated purple star with a smiley face and the message 'Enjoy your Maternity leave!' on a grey and white striped background.

Rainbow Leaving to Have a Baby - Looking for a great leaving card for someone leaving to have a baby? Then this cute leaving card is the perfect one to send. The card features a cute illustrated pastel-coloured rainbow with the message 'You're leaving us to have a baby!' on a white background.

Sorry You're Leaving - Polka Dot Purple - Looking for a leaving card to wish them well on their new adventure? Send them our Sorry you're leaving card. The card features the message 'Sorry You're Leaving!' in bold black font on a purple background with colourful polka dots.

These are just a few of our new leaving card designs, there are lots to choose from.

Create a wonderful letterbox gift by adding a slice of cake, we have lots of flavours to choose from including standard cake slices, gluten free cake slices, vegan cake slices, and even flapjacks. There are also lots of added extra to add in the box too from sweets, limited-edition cocktails (subject to availability), relaxing face masks, tea, coffee, and more. Don’t forget to write your own personalised message inside the card in one of our font options to let them know how much you'll miss them.