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Easter Ideas 2021

We’ve put together some cracking easter ideas

Easter is approaching! And we are hopping on the bandwagon as Easter falls on Sunday 4th April this year. Although we are hoping that things will be opened up a little bit come Easter, many of us will still want to stay in the comfort of our own home. But with kids at home, you’ll want to find some fun activities for them to do over the Easter break. We have created a few cracking ideas for the Easter break that are fun to do with the kids and adults may also enjoy as well!

Easter Hunt

One of the most popular activities to do at Easter any year, many of us will be familiar with the concept of an Easter hunt, and many attend ones that are organised in the community. It might not be possible to go to community organised events right now, although some may still be doing socially distanced events. But, if you are planning on staying at home this Easter, why not create your own Easter hunt? You could stick with hiding chocolate eggs, or if you’re looking to create a little twist, our individually wrapped baby sponge cakes are ideal for this activity. You might want to do a mixture of both. If you want to limit the number of sweets, you could hide pictures around instead, and then there could be a prize at the end of the hunt! A great thing about this activity is that you could do it inside or outside, so it’s a great way to get the kids outside in the garden if the weather is good, or if you are limited without a garden then it’s great to do inside too.

Easter Games/Film Fest

Create a fun-filled day to get them hoppy about Easter this year. There are lots of fun activities that you can do on Easter Sunday to keep them entertained. There’s the traditional egg and spoon race – if you’re doing it inside you might want to opt for plastic eggs to avoid a mess on the floor. If you have a bit more space you could do an Easter hop race, if you don’t have any sacks laying about (because not many of us do), you get the kids to use old pillowcases instead, add a little cotton ball on the back for the bunny look. Pin the tail on the bunny is another great game to play and cheap to create, just print a picture of a bunny rabbit and get some cotton balls. Add a little bit of double-sided sticky tape to the cotton balls and have fun! These are just a few fun games to play – if you play a few and want to keep score the winner gets to pick their favourite film to watch at the end of the day!

Easter Cake Decorating

Another fun thing to do that everyone can get involved with. You might want to bake your own cake or you can buy one of our yummy Sponge cakes to decorate together. You could even get our baby sponges so everyone can decorate one on their own. Just buy your favourite easter treats to add to the cake to complete your creations!

Easter Drawing/Colouring in

This is a great simple activity to do as a family, there is a range of free images you can print out from online sources, you can choose bunnies, eggs, and chicks. Just print them out, or get the kids to draw their own. Then you can spend some time colouring them in to create some masterpieces. If you can’t be with family members at Easter, you could even send them to your loved ones. You could even that a picture of their creations and upload them to our website to create a photo Cake Card to send to them with a slice or two of yummy cake!

There are lots of lovely activities you can do with your family at home this Easter to create great memories. Whatever you decide to do this year we hope you have a hoppy Easter! Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our Easter specials coming soon.