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Sneaky Peek at our new treats

Get a glimpse into our exciting new additions

We have been working hard behind the scenes at Sponge HQ to bring you some new treats to add with your cakes! We’re giddy with excitement at these new additions (it may have something to do with the responsible taste testing we’ve been doing). And, we are bursting to tell you what they are. We can’t tell you properly yet, until their official launch, but we can give you a few clues, right? Maybe just one or two.

You’ll be able to add these scrumptious added extras to both your cakes and Cake Cards, which is great for gifting, especially at this time of year!

Let’s see, there will be a few flavour options to choose from. These new treats are definitely great winter warmer gifts. They will definitely make you merry this year, and the flavours are themed around the festive season that’s fast approaching. Perhaps we have said too much already? On that note, we shall leave it there and give you a sneaky picture instead.