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Our Third Brownie Flavour

What is the third flavour we’re adding in the mix?

Yummy brownies will soon be rushing to your doors anywhere in the UK, the run-up is very exciting with all of our flavour releases. We’ve been working very hard in the bakery to perfect our base recipe, to make sure they’re the perfect balance of gooey, soft and crispy. It’s important for us to get our brownies right, we want to provide you with the best brownie experiences, so they are as good and well-loved as our cakes.

During this process it’s been important to us to continually taste test the brownies, we know, it’s a hard job but we are willing to make that sacrifice to ensure you have the best brownies available to you. When it comes to creating our flavours, it involves rigorous taste testing, creating a batch, trying it, adjusting the flavours and repeat. This is so we can create the most wonderful balance of flavours in our brownies, so you still get a great texture and tasting brownie without it being dominated by the chocolate flavour or the other added flavours.

So, you’re probably just thinking “Come on, I want to know what the next flavour is going to be!” Well, it’s a bit of a divider, some people love it and some people aren’t as keen. It’s got a sweet and savoury nature to it. It’s still chocolatey with a great balance of an additional flavour…

We can announce our third delicious brownie flavour is…


Salted Caramel Brownies!

Salted caramel has become more popular in recent years, suddenly an influx of sweet and savoury fans have been creating and eating delicious goodies with salted caramel. It is usually paired with chocolate as it adds more sweetness to the delicious treat.

That’s why we wanted to create a scrumptious salted caramel brownie; we think you’ll really enjoy these. Whether you’re a lover of salted caramel or not, we’re confident you’ll want to try these brownies when we release them on our launch. We think we’ve developed the perfect balance of delicious chocolate brownie and salted caramel; you’ll just have to try it and find out for yourselves!

As we are getting closer to the official launch of our brownies, and only a few weeks left, we still have a few more flavours to reveal to you. But we want you to know that we are super excited for this launch (as we like to let you know every time, we mention brownies).

We can’t wait to start delivering out brownie range across the UK straight to your doorstep, and we hope you still as excited as we are!