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Rainbow Cake

Delicious Multi Coloured Cakes

A celebration cake needs to be delicious and memorable to really make an occasion extremely special. A lot of people choose rainbow layer cakes because of the delicious taste and colourful surprise inside.

There are lots of different interpretation of rainbow theme cakes, if you look around, you’ll see that no two are really the same.

Rainbow sprinkle cakes are as the name implies. There is a version of the rainbow sprinkle cake which has bright hundreds and thousands mixed into the cake batter, this creates rainbow spots within the sponge layers. These cakes are also known as confetti cakes. The other version of a rainbow sprinkle cake is when the inside layers of sponge are multi coloured and covered in buttercream and hundreds and thousands stuck to the buttercream on the outside. It’s literally covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Unicorn and rainbow cakes are a great combination as well. The idea of the mythical creature and rainbow sponge cake makes the finished product more magical. Rainbow Unicorn cakes are made with rainbow sponge cake layers which are sandwiched together with buttercream and more buttercream is spread around the sides and top of the cake. The unicorn illusion is often made with ears and eye lashes, either made from cardboard or edible paper – sometimes they are even made with edible modelling fondant. The eyes are places on the side/front of the cake and the ears are placed on top, then a horn in placed on top between the ears to make the unicorn illusion. The horn is also often either cardboard or modelling fondant. The final finishing touch is the unicorn’s mane – this is often created with either a selection of two or three pastel colours, or multi coloured buttercream. This is then swirled and layered across the top of the cake and down the side/back of the cake to create the mane.

A lot of people also add other rainbow cake decorations to make them a celebration cakes, or even swirl different coloured cake batter together to make a rainbow marble cake. With so many different types of rainbow cakes – we started thinking about ideas for our very own one.

Rainbow Cake by Sponge

We are currently developing our own vanilla rainbow cake, but we don’t want to give too much away just yet – we have added a sneak preview to you can to get an idea of what we have in store for you. Soon there will be a rainbow cake to buy on the Sponge website. We are sure you will enjoy these cakes we are creating - they will make awesome rainbow birthday cakes or they will be excellent cakes for any other occasion!

And if you’re wondering about ‘Rainbow cakes near me’ – well we are pleased to tell you that soon we will be delivering our cake all over the UK. We can deliver our cakes to you no matter where you are based, from London to Glasgow, everywhere in between and even Northern Ireland, we can deliver our cakes straight to your door.