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GF Easter Chocolate Pinata Cake

A delicious Gluten Free Easter chocolate sponge with a surprise.

Our new Gluten Free Chocolate Piñata sponge is our limited-edition cake for Easter 2020, also available in as a standard cake. You will indulge in four layers of delicious rich gluten free chocolate sponge sandwiched together with a luxurious velvety chocolate buttercream. The surprise centre full of mini smarties and chocolate eggs to give a wow factor when the first generous slice is pulled away. The cake is covered in more buttercream and decorated with milk chocolate flakes for added texture, colourful mini chocolate eggs and Galaxy golden eggs on top too. A perfect treat for the end of lent and a great alternative to Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. And although this is this is our Easter cake, we also think it makes an amazing looking and tasting gluten free birthday cake too!

Whether you’re having a gathering with friends or family this Easter Sunday, you can celebrate with a beautiful and delicious centre piece, that is sure to blow everyone away in awe when the centre full of mini smarties and chocolate eggs is revealed. This sponge looks the part for Easter, with all of the mini chocolate eggs and Galaxy golden eggs on top, it looks like it’s been designed and delivered by the Easter bunny! It also makes an excellent Easter present to send to someone if you can’t be with them this Easter.

Gluten Free Easter Chocolate Piñata Cake Delivery

For Easter Sunday you can get this gluten free sponge delivered directly to your door, or to your friends’ or family’s house. Simply input the delivery address and then you can select the perfect day for delivery. If you order before 2pm then you can be eligible for next working day delivery. Last orders for Easter Sunday is Wednesday 8th April before 2pm, for delivery on Thursday 9th of April ready for Easter on Sunday 12th April 2020.

Easter Gift Ideas

Added extras with these stunning Gluten Free Easter Chocolate Piñata Cakes can create fabulous Easter gifts that everyone will adore. If there’s not enough chocolate in the cake for you, you can a add hot chocolate treat along with it! There is an excellent choice including drinks, balloons, candles, greetings cards and more. Drinks include lemonade, Prosecco, gin and tonic, whiskey and coke, tea, and coffee. Choose the perfect gift combination that is sure to put a smile on family and friend’s faces this year!

Another idea is one of our fabulous Cake Cards! There funny cards, sentimental cards and cute cards to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find one that will be loved by the recipient. Choose one slice or two gluten free slices of cake, lovingly hand-made by Sponge, with lots of fabulous flavours too choose from to go into your Cake Card. There are even standard flavour slices and vegan flavour slices to choose from. To make them even more special you can even add extras to your cake cards to, to make a unique Easter gift this year.

Easter facts:

The first record of Easter dates back to the 2ndcentury, although it is believed that people celebrated the resurrection of Jesus before then. Early Christians used to celebrate the resurrection every Sunday until they adopted the then-pagan celebration of Easter, instead dedication the whole day to Him, then annually.

The first recorded use of decorated eggs was in the 13thcentury, as Jesus rising from the Tomb is associated with the emergence of new from an egg shell. Which is why eggs eventually became an official symbol of the resurrection.

The Easter bunny originated in Germany, the concept of the Easter bunny delivering eggs and sweets started there. The tradition is first recorded in 16th century Germany, and sprung to life in legend as rabbits are believed to a symbol of new life in many cultures. The German legend of the Easter Bunny tells the story of a woman who plants hidden decorated eggs throughout the town on occasions of famine. Upon finding eggs, children would then see a big bunny hopping off.

Lastly, the tradition of bunnies on Easter originated from Protestant communities in Europe. Although it began in the 17thcentury, it only became common in the 19th century. They believed that the Easter bunny lays, decorates, and hides the Easter eggs.