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Sponge Secret Santa!

Get your Secret Santa presents sorted!

It is the time of year for secret Santa’s to be arranged in offices, sports teams, schools, friendship groups, families and much more. It is a great way for getting everyone involved without the great expense of having to buy a present for everyone. Plus, the added excitement that you do not know who has who!

If you do not know the rules of secret Santa, then all you need to know is that gift givers are meant to remain anonymous and you only buy for one person in the group! Everyone in the group puts their name in the hat, and then selects a name at random, making sure that they do not pick their own. Then all you need to do it buy a present for that one person! Whether you have price limit or not, we have a selection of items perfect to give to someone for a special secret Santa present.

Secret Santa Cake Card

Our Cake Cards are the perfect secret Santa sized gift, and we have loads of festive Christmassy card fronts to choose from. Find the perfect design for whoever you are giving your secret Santa present to. With one slice Cake Cards starting at £7.95 and two slice Cake Cards for £10, they are the perfect present for a Secret Santa with a budget of £10. Plus, with free delivery on all Cake Card Orders!

There are many great flavours of cake to choose from as well, including our new festive Peppermint Crisp slice, and our Mince Pie flavour. Both festive and ready to go for Christmas! Other flavours include, chocolate, carrot, lemon, red velvet, Victoria, and gluten free and vegan options as well. There is something to satisfy everyone!

For every Cake Card, for a special secret Santa gift you can personalise it for them. In the card you can write your own message, but make sure not to sign your name so they do not know it is from you! You can also add gift slices along with a slice of cake for an alternative gift for your secret Santa, such as Christmas socks, Christmas lights, Sweets and more. Or add mini extras to go along with some cake, with choice of tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate, balloons and much more.

Secret Santa Baby Sponges

Another great option for a secret Santa present is our selection of Baby Sponge Cakes, which are available in packs of 4,8,16, 40, 80 or 120! You can select different flavours that are best for your secret Santa. Choice of chocolate & orange, coffee, Victoria and more, with gluten free options too! You can also add a greetings card to your order, with choice of a Happy Christmas design, where you can add a special personalised message.

In addition to the Baby Sponges you can extras as well, such as candles, balloons, table confetti, lemonade, cola, ginger beer and more. As well, you can add tipples, including Gin and Tonic, Mini Baileys, Prosecco, and Whiskey & Coke. Perfect addition to any cake order, especially for a secret Santa.

Secret Santa Cake Delivery

Our cakes can be sent anywhere in the UK, and if you know the address then you can send a Cake Card, a Sponge or Baby Sponges directly to them. If you don’t sign it from you then it will still remain secret Santa! Just input their address, and then select the day that you wish for it to be delivered to them, with last orders