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Sponge Friday Deals!

Every week one of our cakes is picked for our Sponge Friday deal!

If you have known our brand for some time, then it is likely that you are fully aware of our weekly Sponge Friday deal. However, if you are fairly new to Sponge and not quite sure what it is then you are missing out on a real weekly treat! As each week one lucky sponge cake is chosen to be our Sponge Friday flavour, but what does this mean?

What is Sponge Friday?

Each week we randomly select a sponge flavour to be the Sponge Friday deal - these are released 4 weeks in advance so you know what flavours to expect in the coming weeks. The exclusive deal offers the Sponge Friday flavour with up to 25% off the regular price! You will find a Sponge for 8 normally costing £13.50 reduced to £9.99! All you need to do is place your order before 2pm on a Thursday to receive your special Sponge on Friday. We think this a great treat for yourself, friends, family, colleagues or employees before the weekend.

Gluten Free Sponge Friday

We also offer our Sponge Friday’s in gluten free versions too, with the price discounted the same percentage. Making sure that anyone following a gluten free diet does not miss out on this exciting deal. If you are looking for a cake solution in your office every Friday, and needing to cater for gluten free too, then this is the perfect solution. Making everyone happy!

Personalised Sponge Friday

After you select the Sponge Friday you wish to purchase, you will also get the choice to personalise your sponge cake for a special occasion. You can add a cake topper to your sponge, with a great design choice. Including age milestones, childrens, seasonal, emoji, thank you, anniversary toppers and much more. You can even upload your own photo to create your own personalised cake topper. If you have an event at the weekend, then our Sponge Friday deal has you covered.

You can also add a greetings cards to compliment the order for an occasion and add candles, balloons, gift wrap, celebration extras, tipples and hot drinks!

Delivery for Sponge Friday

When you place your Sponge Friday order, delivery is automatically set for Friday to give you your cake fix before the weekend! If you are looking for a sponge to arrive sooner, however, then you can order one of our sponges and you can select the delivery date. If you order before 2pm your cake will be delivery the very next day!

Perks of Sponge Friday

Every week there is a need for a cake, no matter what situation, such as an office, school, home, or just for you! No matter how you think about it there is always a need for cake. Do not miss out of the delicious deal each week, on a different flavoured sponge each time! Great for your weekly Friday work meeting or just making sure you have cake in for the weekend when friends and family visit. Our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days so you will always be prepared with cake if someone pops round!

TGIF! Give your friends, colleagues and family the pick me up that everyone needs and wants before the weekend! Kick start to your weekend in the best way and give everyone something to look forward to at the end of the week. Along with the weekend itself.

Keep an eye out for a vegan sponge friday coming soon!