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Winning Sponge Moment June

Victoria emailed us her sponge moment...


I just wanted to stop by and send a massive Thankyou for our order last week (179532).

Let me explain why we are all so thrilled!

I’ve been vegan an awfully long time (1995) and back then it was really an odd thing and the idea of ordering a vegan chocolate cake was the stuff of distant dreams!

I went on to have lots of equally odd vegan children and each year I would make them a ‘chocolate splat cake’ to celebrate (I would offer you the recipe but I think you might decline!).

Then veganism became sort of cool!!!

This made me incredibly fat and equally happy because you can buy vegan stuff Everywhere,but still to order a birthday cake (and let’s face it I need to order one with my lack of baking skills) was possible but stupidly expensive!

I was 40 last year and the teeny tiny cake my poor husband ordered for me was more than my years in £s.

When I discovered you guys we were reaching the end of ‘Birthday season’ so I had made all my children ‘delightful’ cakes to celebrate. Indi had, however, begged me not to trouble myself for his birthday as they were “horrible” (Indi has autism and honesty comes very naturally to him). So, a quick internet search and there you were with your shiny new vegan range! My goodness!

I ordered the biggest cake I could (people do often think vegans eat less or more healthy, it’s hilarious but I genuinely thought ‘serves 16’ would mean ‘serves 4 if you’re lucky!’) I joined the cakey club and waited waaaay more excitedly than any child waiting for Christmas.

The email updates were like letters from Santa himself!

Then, the cake, my goodness, Thankyou! It was perfect! Delivered beautifully and with everything I had asked for!

Triple Thankyou!

Naturally you are now our go to people for birthday season, any special occasion or even just every other Friday!

And (pushing it here) should you think you ever want to expand your vegan range, by say making all the flavours you have as a vegan option, I totally triple promise to buy them all.

Happily working my way round all my odd vegan pals and all my super cool new vegan buddies to spread the buttercreamy word!

(Indi doesn’t like having his photo taken but here’s a sneaky one of him and his little sister trying to eat his cake with the biggest spoon she had)

Thanks hundreds and thousands,
Victoria :) "

Thanks for sending us your Sponge Moments Victoria - congratulations on winning a Vegan Sponge for 16 to enjoy!

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