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Winning Sponge Moment April

This month's Sponge Moment winner is...


I’m sending this sponge moment of my partner opening his baby sponges.

I had surprised him with a week away in a gorgeous lodge on the Isle of Wight and had these delivered for him as well.

We’ve been together 17 years and now the youngest is a teenager we can finally take ‘couple’ trips again, so this was an anniversary treat.

I asked him to smile so I could take the picture and, as you can say see from the pictures, he kept making funny faces instead.

It’s one of the things I love about him. He makes me laugh every day and is just a wonderful human being.

It would be fantastic to be able to surprise him again with a winning sponge moment!

Kind regards,

Andrea 😊."

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Winning Sponge Moment A Pril 2019
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