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Working With British Airways

Sponge have a wide range of trade customers covering all sorts of companies across three UK. One our proudest achievements...

Sponge have a wide range of trade customers covering all sorts of companies across three UK. One our proudest achievements was winning a contract to supply British Airways. The first contract we won was to supply an even smaller version of our Baby Sponges (which are usually 80g) in a 50g format. The extra mini Baby Sponges would go on board flights in medium and short hall. The flavour that won through on that occasion was a Victoria Sponge. A classic choice and fitting to choose a quintessentially British flavour for an iconic British company.

It was a huge honour to supply a brand of this iconic nature and it was early on in our journey as a brand and so helped build our awareness among both for our website and our offering to trade. When working with British Airways the great thing they allowed us to do was to keep our own branded boxes and this meant that any one eating the cakes was able to fins us online and get in touch through our social media channels to. We had lots of customers getting in touch to say they had tried them on the flight and found our website on the back and are now ordering regularly. We even got a number of trade and corporate accounts off the back of the contract where people had eaten them on board and then decided they would like them for their café/coffee shop or as a corporate gift.

The success of the Victoria Sponge set us up nicely to work with British Airways again and we have been lucky enough to work with a number of times throughout the last few years. Most recently we supplied our 80g Baby Sponge in the flavour Lemon and Elderflower to celebrate the Royal Wedding. We did the flavour especially for the Royal wedding both for British Airways and to the rest of our customers as it was choice of flavour for the royal wedding cake. For British Airways we made a bespoke box for the occasion with Congratulations Harry and Meghan in a heart on it. Again we got lots of messages from happy British Airways customers.

A few years ago having worked with them a number of times we were even invited to their head office to judge a Great British Bake Off style charity event they were doing which involved us trying A LOT of cakes both brilliant and not so brilliant. They had staff members bring in their ‘showstopper’ cakes which we then tried and judged on taste and looks. It was a great honour and we really enjoyed the day although it was a lot of cake to try in one go even for us!

We hope to continue to work with British Airways in the future and will ensure we come up with innovative flavours and ideas to keep their customers enjoying their in-flight meals. We also hope to tempt other airlines into using our products on board their flights as based on feedback the British Airways customers have been big fans.