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Perriett Sponge Cake!

Harriett emailed us her Sponge Moment...

"Me and my boyfriend are inseparable and since that, our friends and family have come up with the nick-name Perriett because he is Called perrie and I am called harriett and we're never apart. We decided to get a cake with the name on for everybody to share. Everybody found it funny and the cake was delicious! We are now engaged and hope to get a sponge cake for our wedding! Here's me holding the perriett cake! Thank you!"

Weekly Sponge Moment Competition

Every week, we reward the best Sponge Moment pic with a SPONGE Friday free cake! All you have to do for a chance to win is send in a pic of you, your friends or family enjoying one of our Sponges, it’s that simple! Send in Sponge Moments to: [email protected], Facebook, Twitter or Instagram