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Sponge From Dubai!

Walshy emailed in his Sponge Moment...

"Good morning.

Ive not got a photo,

But I wanted to say thank you.

I am currently in the armed forces. I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014,

and unfortunately missed my wife's birthday due to being deployed. I used

your company to send my wife a cake. (I opted for the millionaire one). Even

tho we was apart, it really made her day, as she said it was the best cake

she's ever tasted.

Currently I'm deployed to Al Minhad air base near Dubai in the UAE.

As luck would have it, I've been unfortunate with the timings again, this

time missing her big 30th.

I remembered your company, and the fact of how well received your cake was

the first time around.

I bought my wife a dolce gusto coffee machine, as well as other items for

her big day. I also ordered another one of your millionaire cakes for her

30th. She was absolutely made up, stating it was a lovely surprise to have a

slice of her favourite cake, with a brand new posh coffee. 😊

I have since decided that, as I've not even tried it yet, that I'm

definitely ordering one for my home coming in July, as I'm the only person

that hasn't tried it yet!!! And I'm getting jealous!!!!

Keep up the good work,

Kind regards,


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