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Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday! Plus Win A TuckBox Full Of Sweet Treats And A 10" CYO Sponge!

  Sponge In A Hot Tub! Helen emailed us her Sponge Moment... “No pre-wedding family to trip to centerparcs (Friday is the big day!) wo...

Chocolate Orange Sponge Friday from just £9.99!
Chocolate Orange Sponge Friday from just £9.99!

Sponge In A Hot Tub!

Helen emailed us her Sponge Moment...

“No pre-wedding family to trip to centerparcs (Friday is the big day!) would be complete without a chocolate orange Sponge to enjoy in the hot tub :). Seen here with my best mate Jo sharing for it. We’re going to need a bigger Sponge!

WIN a SPONGE Friday!

We give a SPONGE Friday each week to the best Sponge Moment. Send yours by email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win!

Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday!

"Oh my word!!! I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He is very fussy when it comes to cakes but i had heard good things and we were not disapointed. Wow amazing fresh sponge, beautiful flavours and the butter cream filling is to die for. AMAZING. If your thinking of ordering one......stop thinking and buy." Liz from Norwich

Order by 2pm this Thursday 17th July

7” Chocolate & Orange Sponge: £9.99 or 10” for £16.99

Click here to order your Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday!

WIN Some Sweet Treats!

We’ve teamed up with Hope and Greenwood, ‘Purveyors of Splendid Confectionery’ to give away 3 packs of delicious prizes...

A bespoke Tuckbox and a 10" Create Your Own Sponge cake!

For a chance to win delicious prizes just enter HERE!

Can’t wait to find out if you’ve won?!

Visit Hope and Greenwood to get 15% OFF online orders with code: SPONGE15

New Personalised Greeting Cards!

We have just launched our very own collection of personalised Sponge Greeting Cards! Simply pick which card you would like to go out with your Sponge, fill out a personal message and we will do the rest!

Shop Sponge!

WIN A Mini Weekend!

We have teamed up with MINI Cooper Norwich and our family business Byfords to offer a fantastic ‘MINI Weekend’ Prize!

The winner will receive a MINI Cooper for the weekend, an overnight stay at our posh B&B - Byfords in Holt - and a Super Sharing Sponge to share with the person of their choice!

For a chance to win this amazing prize enter HERE!

Sponge Birthday Shoutouts!

Email: [email protected] for birthday shoutouts! Here are this week's: Heather Morgenroth, Julie Timms, Susan Badland, Mr G D Hope, A Randall, James Droyomirecky, Margaret Grainger, Carole Fuller, Emma Green and Marcus Hennahane. Hope you all have great days! x