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Bounty Sponge Friday! Plus WIN Your Pops Some Beer & Cake this Father's Day...

It's Bounty Sponge Friday! Plus find out how you could WIN Your Pops Some Beer & Cake this Father's Day...

Sparkling Sponge!

Stacey emailed her Sponge Moment...

“I would like to thank you for my son’s fantastic cakes for his birthday. I’ve attached some pictures to show you how much he appreciated them. This is the sixth time ordering from The Sponge Company, they always go down a treat. Just a shame there’s none left. haha. Thanks again, Stacey Grogan”

WIN a SPONGE Friday!

We give away a SPONGE Friday each week to the best Sponge Moment. Send your Sponge Moment pics to [email protected], Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win!

Bounty Sponge Friday!

"Wonderful selection of flavours - it makes ordering extremely difficult. I have just bought a "bounty" cake for a friend's birthday which was, I am told, delicious. I just wish I lived a bit nearer to the recipient so I could have had a slice! " Pat, from Holt.

Order by 2pm this Thursday 8th May 2014.

7” Bounty Sponge: £9.99 or 10” for £16.99

Click here to order your Bounty Sponge Friday!

WIN Beer & Cake!


We have teamed up with our buddies at Best Of British Beer for a brilliant Father's Day competition! We have 3 sets of prizes up for grabs...

1st Place: ‘Dad’s Beer – Hands Off’ crate & a 10" Chocolate & Ale Sponge

2nd Place: 12 fine beers & a 7" Chocolate & Ale Sponge

3rd Place: 6 pack of beers & a 7” Chocolate & Ale Sponge.

For a chance to win these beer-tastic prizes just enter HERE!

One For The Dads!

Treat your dad this Father's Day with this tasty Sponge...The winning combination of chocolate and ale create this deliciously deep rich sponge which is sandwiched together with a smooth and creamy malt butter icing.

7” Chocolate & Ale Sponge: £13.99 or 10” for £19.99

Click here to order your Chocolate & Ale Sponge!

Sponge Birthday Shoutouts!

Email: [email protected] for birthday shoutouts! Here are this week's: Mandi Webster, Anne Bevan, Caroline Morgan, Kaz Parsons, Pam Willetts, Diane Keeble, Rebecca Cain, M Culling, Evie Shykles and Virginia Rigby. Hope you all have great days! x