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Legendary Sponge!

Locale tweeted and blogged us their Sponge Moment... [caption id=attachment_5322 align=alignright width=240] Legendary Sponge![/caption] T...

Locale tweeted and blogged us their Sponge Moment...

Locale Sponge Moment
Locale Sponge Moment

Legendary Sponge!

"To celebrate Project Manager Toni's birthday, Locale calls on reknowned cake-makers Sponge

We're celebrating at Locale HQ: 1 it's Friday; 2 we're having a great, busy month; 3 but, more importantly, it's Locale Project Manager Toni's birthday tomorrow.

To mark the special occasion, we've called upon great cake-makers Sponge for another of their legendary bakes. This time, it was Victoria Sponge - and damn do they lay on slabs of icing.

Toni is being wined and dined for the occasion, with a trip to the cinema on the cards too. As for the rest of us, we're too full to even contemplate the weekend."

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