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Create Your Own Sponge Competition!!

Sponge Team creations! Sponge bods, Nick, Les and Ernie have all had a play...

Sponge Team creations!

Sponge bods, Nick, Les and Ernie have all had a play with the Create Your Own Sponge page and created their own, so let's delve into their creations and see what they reveal about them..!!

Nick: Chocolate base, toffee butter cream, chocolate covered caramels in the middle, double chocolate drizzle on the top.

Definitely a lover of all things chocolate, with toffee and caramel for a bit of sweetness. Playing it safe with the extras considering how many toppings are available. Verdict: Rich, but modest tastes!

Les: Chocolate base, chocolate orange butter cream, Maltesers in the middle, white chocolate shavings on the top.

Again, enjoying the chocolate vibes, but with a fruity chocolate orange twist in the butter cream. Maltesers in the middle for a bit of crunch and white chocolate on top for extra bite and sweetness. Verdict: Fruity missus!

Ernie: Vanilla & Chocolate base. Toffee butter cream. Smarties, Maltesers, White Choc Chunks in the middle. Hundreds & Thousands, Double Chocolate Drizzle on the top.

Vanilla and chocolate Sponge bases to mix things up a bit. Definitely a baker with a sweet tooth here with toffee butter cream, Smarties, Maltesers, white chocolate, hundreds and thousands and double chocolate drizzle crammed in! Verict: Loves the sweet stuff, a Willy Wonka in the making!!

Win a Create Your Own Sponge!

Create Your Own Sponge before Friday 6th December and you'll automatically go into a prize draw to win one of three 7" Create Your Own Sponge cakes! Just in time for Christmas!