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[caption id=attachment_3692 align=alignright width=239] Sponge Angel[/caption] Fliss emailed in this Sponge Moment pic... This is Alfie my l...

Sponge Angel

Fliss emailed in this Sponge Moment pic...

"This is Alfie my little boy who has cystic fibrosis and was taken into hospital for 2 weeks for IV's and intensive treatment. The day before this, he'd been nil by mouth all day and been under a general anaesthetic and when this arrived at 8am the next morning it was a godsend to us both :-) Sponge for breakfast! His words were "this is the best cake I've ever tasted". Thankyou sponge x"

Aw, Sponge Moments like this just makes it all worth it. Lovely story to read, Fliss. Thanks so much for sending us your pic. Hope li'l Alfie is on the mend. All the best. xxx

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