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[caption id=attachment_3230 align=alignright width=300] SPONGE Bobbys![/caption] Mike sent in this pic all the way from Afghanistan... Hi Pe...

SPONGE Bobbys!

Mike sent in this pic all the way from Afghanistan...

"Hi Peeps, my wife Sandra attended your stand at the live BBC Good Food Show and found out that you send cakes out to people at BFPO addresses, so she sent me a box of cakes with all the bits in it in order that we could take a photo and send it to you.

I am Mike (on the right at the back) of the photo,we are police officers from the MOD police who are on a six month tour out at the LTC training school (we train police officers) at Lashkar Ghar in Afghanistan.

I have had a photo taken of our lads for your wall as you may like the title (bit of a steal) though. The cakes were absolutely fantastic, all the lads enjoyed them. I hope you like the photo,all the best from the lads at the LTC.


Fantastic pic, Mike. Many thanks for sending it in. All the best. :) x

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