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We're still receiving some great feedback on our new website from you! We'll reward the best comment with a box of Baby Sponge cakes each week, so ...

We're still receiving some great feedback on our new website from you!

We'll reward the best comment with a box of Baby Sponge cakes each week, so keep emailing in your feedback to [email protected]!

“Funky and spongetastic - easy to read and fun too, well done!” Julie Cook

“I love the new website it is so colourful and looks really fun.” Amy

“Like the clear pictures of sponges to order, very easy to identify and order which delicious sponge you want. Don’t like the artwork - looks childish especially the fat letters, colours are garish, there is a slightly hysterical feel to it now. Your wonderful cakes deserve much better and the old website was more like it should be! If it ain’t broke...” Mrs T Pinkerton

“I love the new website, it is so much easier to navigate and find what I am looking for, although much more dangerous as everything looks even more tempting! I especially love the fact that you can now customise your choice of baby sponges.... although I'm not sure about the gift bit, gift to myself more like! Delicious. Yet again Sponge has surpassed itself.” Emma Morgan

“You're determined to ruin my diet, aren't you? The photos are fabulous, I can almost taste the butter icing (and that's always my favourite bit). Funny but accurate descriptions, quirky styling, makes me want to dive in & start eating! Pretty please? Lorraine Cooper

“Just wanted to give some feedback on the new website – it’s smashing! The new additional content brings even more excitement and depth to the brand and product – I didn’t think it could be improved! I like the structuring of the product into occasions, which makes it very easy to buy. Shame that the little bottles of fizz have gone, as have the wedges, but the increased customisation of the cakes is a welcome addition. Only one thing that I couldn’t find is a description of the “Sharing” cakes – I think the old website had a short description of the cake selections included in the “Traditional” and the “Quirky” but I couldn’t find it in the new site. But I may not have looked very carefully, so please accept my apologies if my tired old brain is not paying attention…” Sandra

"Oh thank you very much for the Sponge Friday website. It's great to see what's coming up but also I think you had me in mind for my Birthday in March. The weekend before you have the coffee cake and then the weekend after my birthday the baby sponges (my favourites) - What more can a girl ask for!!! :-)" Michelle Jenkins

"Could I just say how much I love the new site? The old one was decent but the boring cream and red really put a downer on things. However, the big bright colours of the new site really represent the company well and I love the focus of the homepage: the cake, the cake and nothing but the cake. Really smashing work. It's such a bouncy site and the simplified layout really makes the products more desirable and everything just seems more delicious now! I'm so happy, I've decided to treat myself, yet another round of baby Sponges please chaps! Au revoir and great job, on the site and on the cake." Matthew Jones

"I cannot commend you enough on making your new website altogether drool-worthy. Your signature typeface and and bright colours catch the eye. The rest is, well, a gastronomic history of happily-ever-afters. The photos of Sponge's balanced diet--from 'gluten-free carrot cake' to classic 'Victoria' and innovative 'apple-and-blackberry crumble'--speak still louder than the text. Placing the order countdown in the upper-right corner of the homepage intensifies the message of 'urgency': 'now' is better than 'later'. Situating the reviews directly below backs up the 'urgency' with the fact that the proof was in the pudding (that was).

Moreover, the website is easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing and speaks of Good Taste in every dimension. My only suggestion would be to position the 'seasonal special' further up so that the 'limited-edition-factor' will not be overlooked.

Keep up the good work!

Warmest of wishes from Sponge-Craving Scotland." Jessica

"I would like to say how impressed I was with your baby sponge cakes. I ordered a box of 8 baby sponges last week (as they where in the sponge Friday offer). This was a great way for me to try a selection of your sponges at a good price. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try the chocolate, victoria or bakewell sponges as I left my boyfriend in the house on his own while I went to work (to come home and find he has demolished nearly half the cakes). He did give them a good review (the best sponge he has ever had) and has already said he wants his birthday cake to be a "Sponge" cake. I agree with him that they are the best sponge cakes I have ever had, and if he is really good I might get him a birthday Sponge. Also I really enjoyed the carrot cake and I also loved the coffee cake (which is saying something since I am not normally a fan of coffee cake)." Karen

"I have just demolished my first order from you and felt the service you provide was excellent. The ease of ordering and navigation around the website was so simple and the graphics really add to the experience. I was impressed with how quick the process of the order was, the notifications of tracking the order and the packaging was brilliantly thought out. The inclusion of napkins as well really showed the extra attention to detail that your company has! The cake itself was exactly as you described and really flavoursome.

On my order when I missed the delivery details box, my email of change of details was picked up shortly and I was phoned to confirm details, which I thought was excellent customer service.

The only improvement that may help buyers is to make it clear at what stage you would like us to input delivery details on the order. Although in my experience you were able to rectify this and received good customer service, more people like me may miss that box in the future and it may improve your efficiency if delivery details are clear on ordering. Overall I think your concept, service and product are spot on, and as a cake addict I will be sure to be ordering many more" Harriet

"Hi, just to say i love the new look of the site, I love how everything has got it's own page, even sponge friday. I'm totally blind and I'd like to say a huge thanks for making your site so accessible. You probably didn't know you were doing it, but you've done a brilliant job. We have screenreaders like voiceover for mac and jaws for windows that make are computing lives a hell of a lot easier and some websites aren't easy for them to read, but yours ticks all the boxes." Amy

"Hi, I have just had a look at your new website. I liked the fact that you could navigate to the page you wanted to very easily. The use of the fat lettering reminded me of the generous depth of each of your sponges.

I also found out I could choose my own gift boxes of baby sponges which I thought was really useful because we all like variety but sometimes you want more of one particular flavour (stops arguments between the kids or adults!)

It's nice to see what you do to personalise a cake so that it becomes individual to the recipient. The pictures are clear and, having ordered from you before, the trademark colouring just reinforced the website as belonging to you.

The only thing I noticed was, having looked on a Saturday morning, it was telling me there was 3 hours 59 minutes 16 seconds till the next sponges were sent out for delivery which I didn't think occurred at the weekend.

Overall a brilliant easy-to-use website. I will definitely order from you again. Good work!" Michelle Fovargue

"Website is fab, but I just have one request? Please make it a scratch and sniff one too then we will all be in cake smelling heaven! Can’t wait to see you guys at the BBC Good Food Show this weekend. Keep up the amazing cake baking goodness Sponge team!" Laura Henderson

"Hi Sponge Cake Super Bakers, just received your email today and you mentioned the Good food Show and it reminded me of where I first met you last year. Loved your cakes so much I sent one to my starving student son at Lancaster University. Was I the most popular Mum amongst his flatmates!! They are all so polite to me when I visit now!! I can't make the GFS this year which is a great shame, I've been every year for the past 7 years as I am real 'foodie', so I will not be able to visit your stand and say hi. I wish you a successful show and keep baking those scrummy cakes!" Margaret Gaskell