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Another Sponge Gone Moment!

[caption id=attachment_2158 align=alignright width=288 caption=Another Sponge Gone Moment!][/caption] Hi there, I thought you'd like t...

Sponge Moment, Banoffee Sponge, personalised Sponge cake, Happy 60th

"Hi there,

I thought you'd like to see a pic of my 2 year old son Micah enjoying a delicious banoffee Sponge, so much so that I wasn't able to get him to look up at the camera! This was our very first Sponge and everyone absolutely loved it, it was polished off lightning fast. Arrived in perfect condition despite to my horror the courier handing it to me on it's side! Everyone commented on how delicious it was, even my dad who isn't a cake person was still mentioning it when I saw him again 2 days later! The personalised icing was perfect too - hats off to you Sponge, keep up the good work. I can't wait to try another :)


Thanks for sending in your Sponge Moment pic, Sam - very cute, glad you enjoyed your first Sponge!

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