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Birthday SPONGE Friday!

[caption id=attachment_1873 align=alignright width=218 caption=SPONGE Friday Moment!][/caption] Apple Crumble SPONGE Friday Moment! ...

Birthday SPONGE Friday Moment, Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble SPONGE Friday Moment!

SPONGE Friday Moment uploaded to the SpongeCakesLtd Facebook Page on Friday by Sarah Williams.

"Mine and Emily Johnson's 'Sponge Moment'...nom nom nom nom..!!"

Send us your Sponge Moments!

Keep the Sponge Moment pictures coming in and don't forget, we're running a competition to win a 7" Sponge in any flavour, so if you have any 'tales of joy at the hands of Sponge' captured on camera, send them in!

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