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Bonfire Night Cakes

Cakes for Bonfire Night

Celebrate bonfire night with a yummy cake...

Cakes for Bonfire night

With it almost bonfire night, that means firework displays, yummy food and warming toasty bonfires. The tradition of Bonfire Night dates back to 1605, when Guy Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder Plot. A plan to blow up King James I and his government on the 5thNovember. With the term “bonfire” deriving from the term “bone fire”; in the Middle ages.

The cold evenings and nights surrounding Bonfire Night, we gladly welcome a big toasty fire that accompanies this tradition. In order to keep you extra warm, we suggest a selection of our delicious Sponges to enjoy on these cold evenings. Whether you are having your own Bonfire Night celebration, or going to a local display, then why not bring along one of our Sponges to enjoy along with the evening.

Sticky Toffee

Our Sticky Toffee Sponge is always a firm cold evening favourite, as our special twist on the traditional classic British dessert. Filled with a homemade date puree and a lovely warming toffee buttercream perfect for those cold crisp evenings. If you fancy it as well, how about serving it with some hot custard? Delicious!

Spiced Pumpkin

Currently we also have our Seasonal Spiced Pumpkin Sponge, made with pureed pumpkin and flavoured with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Another sponge perfect for warming you up on autumn days and a great additional for any Bonfire Night celebrations. Perfect served along with a hot cuppa, or a hot chocolate! Our Spiced Pumpkin Sponge is also available in gluten free as well, making sure that anyone following a gluten free diet is included.

Apple Crumble

Another popular choice of cake this time of year is our Apple Crumble Cake, the perfect alternative to apple crumble dessert itself. Can be served along with hot custard as well, or ice cream if you don’t mind the cold. Made with real apple pieces, sultanas, vanilla buttercream, and crumble pieces on top to give that extra crunch! A welcome addition to a Bonfire Night gathering.

Our Apple Crumble Sponge is also available in gluten free as well, and we are pretty certain that you will not be able to tell the difference!

Baby Sponges / Sharing Sponges

If you are having lots of people round for a bonfire night celebration why not get a pack of our baby sponges cakes - you can even choose all your own flavours so you have something for everyone. Or you could choose one of our sharing sponges so everyone gets a slice of their favourite flavour!

Bonfire Night Cake Delivery

Let us bring the cake to you, with our delivery of cakes right to your door ready for your Bonfire night gathering. Order before 2pm to receive next day delivery or you can place your order and select the delivery date best for you.

Bonfire Night Cake Topper

We have a special bonfire night cake topper available to go on any of our sponge cake flavours including vegan and gluten free! Simply pick the topper then choose your flavour sponge - makes a great centrepiece for bonfire night gatherings and parties with friends and family. You could also add some fountain candles to really make your sponge go off with a bang!

Bonfire Night Cake Topper