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Wedding Cakes

Make your wedding day extra special with Sponge Cakes for you...

Have you been searching for cheap wedding cakes or wedding cakes on a budget? Our delicious and stunning rustic naked wedding cakes might be the perfect option for your special day. Our wedding cakes start from just £60 and we also have other wedding cake packages such as our baby sponge cakes for favours which start from just £55. Make your wedding day delicious, unique and memorable with the whole range of wedding day Sponge cakes we have on offer.

Wedding Cakes - £60

Our wedding cakes come in three layers and you can choose the flavour you would like for each layer making it completely personal to your wedding theme. The bottom layer is made up with one of our large sponge cakes for 16, a sponge cake for 8 in the middle and four baby sponge cakes on the top. You can also choose which type of 'Just Married' topper you would like - from our fun bunting option to our rustic wooden option - they both look fantastic on top of our wedding sponge cakes.

Our wedding cakes feed up to 25 guests very generously and can accommodate different dietary requirements such as gluten free, vegan and dairy free. You can get them delivered to your home or even to the venue - although we do recommend getting them delivered a couple of days before the big day just incase there are any unforeseen delivery issues - we would never want to let anyone down on their special day and our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days so you don't have to worry.

You can leave your wedding sponge cakes completely naked for a rustic feel or you can add your own personal touch by adding fruit, flowers or chocolate to your wedding Sponge to match your wedding theme.

What's inside?:

  • 1 Just married wooden or bunting topper
  • 4 Baby Sponges (top layer)
  • 1 Sponge for 8 (middle layer)
  • 1 Sponge for 16 (base layer)
  • Dowels

Baby Sponge Cake Favours - From £55

Our Baby Sponge Cakes are a great alternative to cupcakes and make really cute wedding favours for your guests to enjoy or take home! Or you could unbox them and use them to decorate your dessert table and offer more choice for guests.

We have over 14 different flavours of baby sponges to choose from so there is something for everyone enjoy. They are available in packs of 40, 80 or 120 baby sponge cakes.

Whole Wedding Cakes - £120

Looking for a dessert solution for all of your wedding guests? Our whole wedding cakes can provide a yummy solution, with a choice of over 16 flavours. Pick 6 of our large Sponge Cakes to feed up to 96 of your guests generously and save money by having your wedding cakes as your dessert!

These are great combines with one of our 3-tier wedding cakes and will easily feed just over 120 guests.

Our Sponge cakes are sent directly to you in robust packaging, to ensure they arrive perfectly all ready for your guests. Our Sponges stay perfectly fresh for 7-10 days, so we always recommend ordering for a few days before your big day to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.

Wedding Cake Tower - £150

Create both a delicious dessert and a beautiful centrepiece decoration for your wedding, the perfect solution to accommodate everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements with gluten free and dairy free options available.

Create your own beautiful cake tower for your wedding, composed of our delightful Baby sponge cakes to create an eye catching, and mouth-watering addition to your wedding. Add flowers or decorations to make it your own and match your theme or leave it as it is for a more rustic feel.

What's inside?

Our wedding cake tower feeds 80 people and contains:

  • 1 Just married wooden topper
  • 7 tiered acrylic clear stand
  • 80 baby sponge cakes of your choice
  • Table sparkles